On behalf of the Simeon ten Holt Foundation, Donemus Publishing preserves the quality of performances of the works of Simeon ten Holt. To get permission for a public performance of Canto Ostinato (for other compositions look here) please take the following steps:

1) Read the performance requirements
2) Fill in the form at

If you meet the requirements and have filled in the form, we will announce your concert at our media. If you don’t meet the requirements, we ask you to contact us to discuss the details of your performance.
Performance requirements
  • Canto Ostinato can be performed at any combination of keyboards. Other instruments or combination of instruments are not allowed.
  • At least 2 keyboards are required. To perform the work as a solo piece is only allowed by permission of the publisher. To perform Canto Ostinato as ’piano four hands’ is not allowed.

Key signature

The piece is written in B flat minor and has to be performed in this key. Transcriptions to other keys are not allowed.


The minimum duration for a performance of
Canto Ostinato is 60 minutes. The piece is intended for a full-length program. Therefore it’s not permitted to sandwich the piece between other music.


For every public performance of
Canto Ostinato you’re obliged to get a new license at the Donemus webshop. According to the General Terms, and Conditions you need to apply all concert information to the BUMA or your local author rights society.

First Performance

For your first performance of this music we kindly request you to send us a sample of a sound file. In this way we can guarantee that your performance matches our international standards.

CD Release

Also for a CD release we kindly request you to send us a sample of a sound file. Every CD recording requires a license from the
Donemus webshop.
DONEMUS Publishing & Simeon ten Holt Foundation For questions about this form: info@donemus.nl

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Canto Ostinato
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