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Article in NYT , March 2-2023

NY Times

Incantation IV in Moskou on Dec.1st 2018

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-03 om 19.15.18

Canto Ostinato meets Jazz
3 Fazioli_Canto V04

Canto Ostinato for four pianos, 3 hour version, LIVE in Veldhoven
Canto Veldhoven

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4star review in 'Volkskrant'

NEW LP: Jeroen van Veen performing Canto Ostinato 78 minutes
LP Canto

In deze interpretatie van Canto ligt het accent op een zeer feminiene “Ostinato”: ingetogen maar doortastend, gevoelig en speels, bijna confidentieel maar heel intens en ook teder...
New CD: Arielle Vernède performing Canto Ostinato 50 minutes: €18,-

NEW CD with the longest Canto Ostinato version >4 hours!

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Canto Ostinato Audio Visual on Queenday on Dutch TV.

now available!

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BC 9453, Canto Ostinato XL, Jeroen van Veen & Friends NEW CD BOX Expected
12 Cd box with 9 different performances of Canto Ostinato (release February 2014) BC 9453

Exposition 'WONDER' in Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH with scores from the Simeon ten Holt Foundation archives and the synthesizer Simeon ten Holt used. www

Over Simeon, Rita Verschuur new book will be released in the end of November.

PP 2047 front NEW CD expected, download ready; Canto Ostinato for synthesizers, 2 CD set

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Premiere Centri-Fuga by Noord Nederlands Orkest on Feb 7th in Oosterpoort Groningen, after the intermission Canto Ostinato on four pianos.2746904988